Mobile VOIP SA

voIPMobile VoIP or use of the VoIP services on your cell phones is not a new concept, but it is gaining popularity because of its wide use and advantages.

Mobile VoIP is a different service altogether when we compare it with cell phones. It is packed with many value-for-money facilities that not only decrease your cell phone bills but also help you in many different ways. Let us see how mobile VoIP is better than telephone and cell phone services.

The costs of calling VOIP

Calling costs of phone services are different. Cell phones as well as telephone services, both offer expensive call rates. These services have always charged their subscribers very heavily which is a penalty that ordinary phone service users will keep on paying. Wireless VoIP service on the other hand, charges you the same way as you are charged by the internet phone service. You can select from all the call plans that your VoIP provider is offering to you. This is a great facility of saving your phoning cost when you are outside your home or travelling to a far off destination at any other place in the world.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Mobile VoIP will inherit all the features of the usual VoIP phone service. Features that cellular networks and telephone services offer to the customers are very limited in number. You can’t find a lot of beneficial features for the customers to rely on. However, with VoIP on your mobile phone, you can get loads of features at a through away cost of just subscribing to a premium VoIP such as Axvoice. You can get all the advanced service features with mobile internet phone like; anonymous call rejection, caller ID, call forwarding, call logging, blacklisting, and many others.

Using it anywhere

One big advantage of wireless VoIP is that you can use it anywhere you would like to. Telephone is a very limited service in terms of mobility. You cannot utilize the landline phone anywhere else than where you have installed its connection. Cell phones seemed to be mobile and many people would argue that how can their mobility be limited, but when we closely look at the mobile phone service, we can see that mobile phones cannot be used out the reach of your cell phone networks. Even if some mobile phone companies claim to provide their service beyond the geographical bounds or cellular network reach, they do heavily charge for that. Mobile internet phone services do not charge for using your phone service at some other place. No matter where you are, you will be billed the same amount, no extra charges on any incoming calls or roaming etc.

Technological superiority

The technology differences between landline and mobile VoIP are very wide. Telephone still keeps on providing the service the same way that it used to. It uses analog signals and copper wires for communicating. This makes the quality of the phone service very slow. While mobile internet phone on contrary, uses high speed wireless internet connection that converts voice into data, directly affecting voice quality as well as service reliability.