Cloud Computing

Amazon uses it, even Microsoft, Google anyway: Cloud Computing. What exactly lies behind this slogan, but is not always clear. While everyone has heard of cloud computing, but no later than when it comes to define what these are actually coming many assumptions and misconceptions often also comes into play.

Even though there is no clear definition, the term does not fit with relative ease. Set to private enterprises or cloud computing, they receive a IT services is no longer on your local computer, but in real time over the Internet. This can be for example a platform for the development of trade of machinery parts to computing time for a particular sophisticated project or a specific software. You can visit here for more information about support of the COM Express.

Almost everyone uses the cloud services quite natural because they are already widely in use. Since almost everything can be outsourced in a cloud, there are more than enough examples: when the producers of anti-virus products, it is no longer and almost every industry heavyweights put on a combination of local virus protection and additional clouds without cloud security. New threats can thus be identified within minutes instead of hours and a classic deployment of signature updates can account for the most part. When you put Google also in the cloud: The data of all running on the Google homepage offers as that of the video website YouTube, the photo tool Picasa and mapping services Google Maps and Google Earth providers stored in its own cloud.

No clear view, too cloudy, too abstract?

Against all the euphoria about the trendy topic of cloud computing, companies are hesitant to cover so far with the appropriate services. Because the clouds that can be applied technologies more diverse in so many businesses and business models, it is sometimes difficult to highlight the benefits clearly and to find points where you can begin the transition from local installation to cloud service. Many companies have lost so sheer offers the big picture or can not simply start with the concept.